Freefly Alta 6

Freefly Alta 6

Freefly offers to the cinema industry a unique opportunity to enrich aerial shot with Alta, an aerial flying platform for cinema's professionals.


  • FreeFly Alta multi-rotor
  • Pelican suitcase
  • Battery compartment
  • Landing gear (when camera is mounted above the Alta)

With the stabilizer (gimbal)

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CAD 15,490.00

FreeFly Alta 6

The FreeFly Alta is designed to make your filmmaker life as an aerial platform more fun.
With the Alta, a Pelican suitcase will be provided to ease and secure the movement of your drone. Only few minutes will be necessary to take your drone out of the suitcase and to unfold propellers. It will be ready to fly instantly. Alta’s system is designed to operate with the Synapse flight controller and the MöVI stabilizer.

Alta’s presentation:

Possibility to mount your camera on the Alta

A radical new design allow the Alta to offer a new way to film from the sky. Fly your Alta with MöVI stabilizer mounted on the top of your multi-rotor for a unique perspective of aerial shot. 

A fast setup

Propellers and booms are foldable, allowing your drone to reach aerial environment in a minute. 

An important payload

Efficient and powerful motors allow you to get a perfect balance between performance and reliability, so new standards for heavy payloads is established with this impressive drone. Cameras such as RED Dragon, Sony F55 and ALEXA Mini can fly in confidence with Alta, which can carry until 6,8kg.

Synapse, an intelligent flight controller

Synapse by FreeFly, an intelligent flight controller, has a level of precision and of reliability higher than before in drone environment. The system, with high quality captors combined with control algorithm allow users to execute complexe flights with facility.

Synapse includes:

  • A display screen
  • A wide passband to control the position
  • Dual transmitters

Tested for year by the best pilots.

Optimized to integrate the MöVI stabilizer

The Alta is designed to fly with MöVI stabilizer. Thus, you will have the possibility to film with handled gimbal or from the sky with the Alta aerial platform instantly. 

A light frame

Robuste and lightweight were the main restriction for Alta’s development. Resistive and light material has been used to minimize the weight of the UAV, which allow to gain a flight time longer in carrying heavy camera. In addition, the Alta is designed to operate all performances and potential of the Synapse and the MöVI M15 to insure to get the best aerial shot in the most demanding shooting conditions. 

An advanced vibration isolation system

A vibration isolation system rejects every high frequency disturbances from the Alta allowing the MöVI stabilizer to create the best smooth shots.

New generation distribution board

The internal distribution board includes four 12v power leads to work LED, accessories, or to feed integrated connections for industry standard FPV systems.

Silent motors

The Alta presents silent motors and a precise and efficient closed loop control of propellers.

Flight data logging

The flight data when you will be in a high speed will be saved, allowing users to analyze their critical flight data from the Alta.

Customizable LED

Customize your LED’s color to suit your piloting preference via the Alta App.

Technical characteristics:



  • Length: 1000mm
  • Width: 1145mm
  • Height: 220mm


  • Length: 532mm
  • Width: 515mm
  • Height: 220mm


  • Number of motors: 6
  • Motor type: Direct Drive 3-Phase PMAC Outrunner
  • Motor max continuous power output: 350W
  • Motor max instantaneous peak power: 950W
  • Electronic speed controller: FreeFly Silent-Drive Sine Wave ESC


  • Material: Carbon fiber with balsa core
  • Propeller orientation: (3) CW et (3)CCW 
  • Propeller type: 18x6 folding


  • Nominal battery voltage: 6S / 22.2V
  • Maximum battery size: 240 x 180 x 80 mm
  • Maximum battery quantity: 2 battery pack (parallel)
  • Battery connectors: 2xEC5 (parallel)


  • Maximum gross for takeoff: 13.6kg
  • Maximum useful load: 9.5kg
  • Maximum payload: 6.8kg
  • Typical standard empty weight: 4.1kg

Specific loadings

  • Typical specific power: 145W/kg
  • Thrust ratio at max takeoff weight: 2.0:1

Lighting and indication

  • Orientation lights: RGB LED's
  • Orientation light locations: outboard on boom ends
  • Orientation light color: User definable
  • Status light: rear-facing red/white LED
  • Accessory lighting port: 12VDC
  • Accessory lighting port location: outboard on boom ends

Isolation system

  • Vibration isolation system: Silicone O-rings
  • Isolation system options:
    - 1. Soft/Light Payloads: Red O-Rings
    - 2. Medium/Mid Payloads: Teal O-Rings
    - 3. Stiff /Heavy Payloads: Black O-Rings

Payload mounting

  • Mounting locations: bottom and top mount
  • Mounting system: FreeFly Toad In The Hole Quick Release

Flight controller

  • Model name: Freefly synapse flight controller
  • Flight modes
    - Manual
    - Height hold
    - Cilm rate control
    - Position hold
    - Return-to-home
    - Auto-land
  • Supported inputs: Spektrum, S.Bus, PPM, FPV SD Video
  • Outputs: PWM, I2C, CAN, FPV SD Video w/ OSD
  • Supported radios: Futaba S.Bus &S.Bus 2, DSMX, DSM2 (Spektrum/JR), PPM, PPM Invert, PPM Graupner
  • Supported radio controller telemetry systems: Futaba w/ built-in voltage sense port 
  • Supported first-person view systems: Skyzone, BOSCAM, Immersion RC, Fatshark
  • First-person view OSD telemetry: user configurable
  • Installed transceivers: Wi-fi
  • Data logging rate: 25 Hz

Pack contents:

  • FreeFly Alta multi-rotor
  • Pelican suitcase
  • Battery receptacle
  • Landing gear (for camera mounted on the top of the Alta)


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